The company sources its raw material from a small but carefully selected set of suppliers in Sudan and India. This provides security in case of disruption to supply, for example, as a result of political action or the loss of a crop as a result of the weather.

Suppliers are selected for their ability to meet the specification as well as price but Phytovation also pays close attention to the experience of the supplier, their quality systems and certifications as well as their willingness to adopt new methods and systems when required.


Phytovation uses a proprietary method to standardise the potency of the senna it produces. This method uses no solvents of any kind and the finished product is thus entirely free of solvent residues. The finished product is also 100% natural senna with no added ingredients whatsoever.

From a client perspective the fact that the product is supplied to a standardised potency means it can be used in a standard formulation without varying the quantity of excipients to arrive at the required tablet or capsule dosage.

The absence of solvent residues and the fact that the finished product is 100% natural senna provides reassurance for the patient and opens the possibility for manufacturers to make suitable label claims.


Phytovation uses a validated HPLC method for the determination of the potency prior to processing, during processing and to provide an assay value for Certificates of Analysis. The method was developed in conjunction with Bangor University and measures all the active components of senna including all the hydroxyanthracene glycosides (sennosides A, A1, B, C, C1, D & D1) sennedins, the corresponding monoglycosides and the aglycones. The method has been validated in accordance with ICH guidelines.